Stradivari-Stiftung Habisreutinger


The Stradivari Foundation (Habisreutinger) was founded in 1964 by Mr. Rolf Habisreuntinger. The son of a textile entrepreneur, he found music early in life. As an amateur cellist his interests did not only pertain to classic instruments, but also stamp collecting, wine, and automobiles as further hobbies. He was known as a distinguished rally car driver of primarily of Bentley and Jaguar, yet his biggest passion was string instruments, especially from Cremona. His collection contained more than 10 “Stradivari”, of which the foundation still owns six: two violins, two violas, and two cellos. The “Gustav Mahler 1672” viola is arguably the showpiece of the collection and represents the highpoint of Stradivari’s early period. After the death of the founder (1991), the foundation was continued according to his concept and ideas. 

The current foundation council is made up of six people, whose professions range from a jurist, banker, politician, violin maker, technician to musician.

Curdin Coray, President
Hans Martin Diener, Roger Habisreutinger, Martin Klöti, Christoph Müller, Gerhard Wieser